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  • WHO ARE WE ?

    The Orion Astropreneur Space Academy (Hong Kong), known as OASA, accelerates the development of young global leaders through specially designed journeys and wicked challenges with the arrival of the NewSpace Economy.


    It is a platform to accelerate talents and start-ups to enrich opportunities and understanding throughout the world, igniting this spark of transformation from great cities such as Hong Kong.




    Because the NewSpace Economy is already here but only a select few can sense its arrival. Because innovation does not happen by itself, but requires committed and skilled talents to make it happen, and the NewSpace economy creates massive opportunities for innovation.


    All innovation however, begins with the right entrepreneurial mindset. Until the entrepreneur appears, ideas are just good ideas and, at best, good intentions. All space missions should foster cooperation and not mistrust. A society free of suffering does not happen by itself; it requires openness, creation, and global cooperation. In fact, future joint space projects with youths may be the only way to counter global suspicion and geopolitical rivalries.


    From "Sensing", to "Reframing", to "Probing", to "Accelerating", and finally to "Catalysing".


    Are you ready?

  • What's Happening Now?

    Pushing the Edge of Chaos

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    The Young Marco Polo Program (YMP)

    Summer cohort 2022

    All bachelor/ Master/Ph.D. students are welcomed.

    Final Call

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    Monthly Forum “Ask me anything about Astropreneurship"​

    First Forum in the coming June 2022

    Your opinion matters. Please express your thoughts via filling in the AMAAA short surveys.

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    Mission StarGate 2022 (NEW)

    Watch this space. We are moving this popular programme to online. Premier June 2022

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    The OASA Award

    22 Awards to True Explorers of the BEST Programme

    OASA awarded 22 teams not only because these were STEM projects or that they were Astropreneurial projects. It is because exploration and curiosity demand the suspension of shallow judgement. The teams could have chosen to forgo learning about Space Technology, but they did not. The teams could have quit. They did not.

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    CubeSat Challenge for Secondary Schools in Hong Kong

    Final Winners of the BEST AWARD 2022

    View the Videos of Top Winners:

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    YMP Series - Reframing Your Business Questions and Your Business Canvas

    For YMP'ers and clients, however we have some spaces open for keen onlookers

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    YMP Tutorial - Customer Service and Acquisitions

    For YNP Cohort 2 only.

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    YMP Series - Agile, UX, and
    Customer Empathy Workshop

    For YMP'ers and clients, however we have some spaces open for keen onlookers

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    YMP Tutorial - From Zero To Hero

    For YNP Cohort 2 only.

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    YMP Series - SDG 2030 Simulation

    For YMP'ers and clients, however we have some spaces open for keen onlookers

  • What's Happening Now?

    Pushing the Edge of Chaos.

  • The Spirit of Exploration

    Exploration: In the rapidly changing world, the only way to excel is to keep on exploring with others, and doing so with an entrepreneurial mindset. We are all explorers. Explore the wonders of entrepreneurship in the Space economy with OASA.​ Get lost and find, yourself.

  • Jill Chan

    Data specialists

    Jason Wang


    Rain Cheung

    Remote management

    Sean Well

    Space Law

  • Hong Kong is one of the best places in the world for entrepreneurs…and starting in 2020, one of the planet’s best hubs for entrepreneurship. Do you see what we see? Are you ready?"

    Dr G, Founding Chairman

  • OASA’s 3 Space Missions in Our First Three Years

    Building CubeSats. 
    Launching Moonshots and Young Marco Polo Programs. 
    Certifying Space Pioneers and Silver Angels. 
  • OASA Unique Leadership and Digital

    Transformation Programmes...Young Marco Polo Programme

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    Young Marco Polo Programme

    Space Accelerator on Earth

    A new business and leadership accelerator program, helping corporates to address new wicked and chaotic challenges such as COVID-19, the Digital Economy by leveraging on the young talents at a university, and by putting everyone through a series of customer and market discoveries. Yes, only at OASA.

  • The future is now, for us & our next generations. Are you future proof?


  • The New Space Economy Ecosystem

    Together with the right partners we have been traveling faster and now further. The following are sponsors, supporters, and players in the NewSpace economy who share our vision, our values, and our energy. Join us and let's work together to create the next platform for our youth!

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