OASA x The Wave: Pioneering the Space Economy- How Do I Communicate in Space

02 Feb, 2021

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OASA x The Wave: Pioneering the Space Economy: How Do I Communicate in Space

Space is very noisy and not empty. Mr. Peter Leung, Course Coordinator at HARTS, or the Hong Kong Amateur Radio Transmitting Society; and Mr. Steve Wong, the Chairman of the Greater Bay Big Data and AI Association, spoke on the power of connectivity and communication, especially when the communicators are separated by time, long distances, and COVID. Pioneering in Space is not difficult at all. “If you can do LEGO, you can do Space,” said Steve.

What technologies are being used in Space? (Satellite technologies is well over twenty years old by the way.) Satellites are no longer the size of a car, but smaller than a box of chocolates and could even have been built by elementary school students like those in the US. Do members know that all astronauts have to be licensed in long-distance communication before responding to call from someone on earth?

Understanding the fundamentals of Space communication is vital for the future entrepreneur. A solid grounding in this area will open up many opportunities, down on earth and up in Space. Understanding how communication is done through super long distances and over physical boundaries will further enlighten anyone who needs to connect with others.

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