OASA x The Wave: Future of the Space Economy -

3D Printing in Space

05 Jan, 2021

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OASA x The Wave: Future of the Space Economy - 3D Printing in Space

Nearly all businesses have heard and seen the power of 3D printing. But how many know that increasingly steel parts and components can be delivered through super long distances such as Space? Parts can now be printed inside the International Space Station. In time, even food, body parts, and virtually anything can be printed. Imagine printing 3D living structure on Mars using locally available materials. Yes, this is now possible.

The space economy is about serving a distant market, delivering products thousands of kilometres away, and managing the continual scaling and refinement of 3D printing. Suppose you can design a product using simple software. In that case, you can probably deliver and extend the range of your product to distant shores.

Mr David Seto, founder of 3D Roundhouse, and Mr. Parker Leung, CEO of MakeOmnia gave us an inspiring talk on building and printing something using today’s inexpensive 3D printing technology. The importance of material sciences, printing methods, and 3D applications in medicine, constructions, and parts manufacturing. Space has microgravity and provides an added complexity over 3D printing on earth.

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