• OASA Membership

  • The Spirit of Exploration

    Life is about exploration, and nothing enhances well-being and positive energy than journeying to a new world, together.


    It is human’s natural instinct to explore, to discover, and to question. Through these actions we find ourselves. Yes, to find ourselves, we often have to get lost. Nurture that spirit of exploration by being a member of OASA. By being a member, we travel together; we learn together, and we work to build a stronger and better community together, one person at a time.


    The spirit of exploration is ingrained in us at OASA. Through nature and nurture, we seek; and by seeking, we shall find. Along the way we will stumble, make mistakes; but we will get back up each time. As long as we see our North Star, we will never be truly lost. Our North Star is Orion.


    The seasons of space exploration is calling louder now. Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain, Cloud, and other advanced technologies are being brought together with higher level of awareness, consciousness, and understanding.


    Are you ready? 


    Let's learn and build a useful platform together. As we are launching a range of new programs, join us if you want to be a part. Each quarter we have new training and educational programs for a different segment of the population. This is OASA. We never stop learning, changing, inspiring, and reaching for the stars.


    Every individual members joining will set aside a sponsorship for a student. One for one. That's how you can help our youth.

  • OASA Membership

    Journey with us to ready yourself, for your space exploration



    We will set aside credit for one student membership for every paid individual member

    HKD $780

    Annual fee. For each paid individual member, OASA will set aside sponsorship for one student.


    HKD $ 18,000

    Life-Time member fee after 2021








    100 Chartered

    For the first 100 lifetime members only

    HKD $ 15,000


    member lifetime fee

    (Limited to first 100 approved registrants). Sponsors the annual fee for 5 student members.









    Special Rights & Privileges​

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    Secondary School Students, University Students, Graduates less than 5 years from a FT Program

    Students and Recent Graduates (graduated within 3 years from a full time program)

    1 place

    HKD $ 390

    Annual Fee

    * Credit and sponsorship is available for referral and team leadership roles through the Young Marco Polo Programme and Special Action Groups. Check it out.



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    Benefits of Student Membership


    Just Friends

    Be a friend of OASA and request to receive a regular newsletter and be updated on latest events. Enjoy a 10% discount when you enroll into an event at early bird.












    Free Newsletter and Updates













    Corporate Membership

    By Invitation Only




















    Please speak with one of our Executive Directors

  • What you Get

    Connect. Contribute. Credence. Create. Collaborate.

    Be connected to a vast and growing network

    Connect: no one is truly alone if one can find commonalities among differences.

    Connect into this growing space ecosystem with other bright students, experienced engineers, leading academics, fellow entrepreneurs, business angels, venture capitalists, and stakeholders worldwide, by actively attending special training, webinars and workshops by OASA mentors. OASA network includes maker-spaces and even Metaverse Labs with some of our supporting organisations. As a member of the Academy, you would qualify for certain level of discount at these organisations, subject to their restrictions of course.

    Get involved and make a difference

    Contribute: build new businesses that are grounded on sustainability

    Learn how to create and contribute by engaging, that is, starting a new or joining a Special Action Group (SAG) to explore fascinating questions for OASA and even learn to solve wicked problems for a better world. These SAGs are ways for you to contribute with others outside your immediate location.


    Remember, OASA will set aside and sponsor the annual fee for a student member, for every new individual adult paid membership.

    Be the "Mission Specialist" that you can be

    Credence: Strengthen your credibility and recognition by demonstrating your project’s proof-of-concept, your deliverables, and your abilities

    Learn the latest art and skills of entrepreneurship and sustainability from global experts and serial entrepreneurs. Learn how to work with others, how to manage projects, and how to deliver solutions that are feasible and has a potential market. Learn to be agile, to recharge, and to build companies using humane technologies.

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