• Nine Key Elements in Our Pedagogical Approach

    OASA’s missions, programmes and courses have these nine essential elements.


    They come together to deliver a learning outcome that is uniquely different and inspiring. We believe a key outcome of our program is that students would be inspired to learn further on their own. A smart city requires smart citizens who understand the practical science behind everyday things on earth.


    From "Sensing", to "Reframing", to "Probing", to "Accelerating", to "Catalysing."

    Space and Enterprise

    Creating new ventures and value in the NewSpace Economy underpins everything that we do at OASA.

    Fun, Exploratory but Practical

    Self-directed learning, properly designed, can be fun. Exploration inherently will include mistakes and wrong turns, but the key is learning from them. Current product specifications and the science and reasons behind them will be explored.

    Future Technologies Today

    Not all technologies are useful. Applying the appropriate technologies for the right market is the new mindset. Conventional thinking is challenged and analyzed so that students can learn to think for themselves. Climate change and how to perceive these changes using satellites is one example.

    Globally Connected

    (Learning is without borders. It should be done across space and time. Inviting speakers from aboard to zoom in and discuss future jobs and preparing for future jobs would be one example). OASA has global mentors that work with students. English is the medium of teaching.


    Learning is best remembered through practice and using the right tools. Our courses blend theory with practice and students learn how things work. New tools for analyses are introduced as appropriate.


    Problem-based projects that cut across many disciplines but with STEM as the core. Applying what's learned to future problem solving is the outcome. Students take part in developing evidence-based and data-supported arguments.

    Leadership and Teamwork

    Inclusive and team-based, where learning is best done through teamwork and with others, including parents sometimes. Leadership: individuals are taught skills on how to lead but also working with and strengthening others.

    Open Source

    As much as possible, OASA will encourage the use of open-source materials and teaches students to explore the world on their own.

    Quality Focused

    Only the best quality for your youth. Everything we do must continually get better.