Mission Moonshot MasterClass Series (MMM)
  • Mission Moonshot MasterClass Series (MMM)
  • Mission Moonshot MasterClass Series (MMM)
  • Mission Moonshot MasterClass Series (MMM)

Mission Moonshot MasterClass Series (MMM)

A leadership accelerator program helping companies to address new opportunities that they would create and put the right leader in charge.

Young Executives of the company are invited to work with university students and co-innovate and introduce the innovative solution back into the company. Three months for MMM One. Six months for MMM Two. Three to Nine months for MMM Three.

Programme in 2022 will be launched with the Hong Kong Productivity Council.

Starting in July 2021. Programme Director: Dr G
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Program Detail

The Three-Layered Program

A proper process of leadership development requires delayering. Each delayering of one’s assumptions takes the participants to a higher level of realisation. Because no one has the wisdom to see the future perfectly, the delayering process helps the participant understand his or her vulnerability and the need for risk management. The delayering process has been designed into the three programs by OASA. Each consecutive program is six months in duration.


The first part will be on the essential basics of venture management and entrepreneurship required of any successful business. Various tools from Design Thinking to the “Lean Start-ups” will be introduced to bring out the learning for the students. This part also aims to explore what and how to create a new business specifically to handle distances, data, and diversity. Once a make-shim business has been identified, we will quickly move into alignment into the current organisation. Each of these subjects will be introduced then reinforced with case studies and exercises. Experienced outside speakers from the industry shall be invited from time to time. The demo-day will be a presentation to their supervisors or the Head of Human Resources. Each student team will be given a 15-minute presentation followed with a 15-minute critical discussion. The first part will take three months.


The second part will be birth, growth, and commercialisation in the new economy. This part emphasises how business leaders are able to keep and maintain a business in the VUCA world, which inevitably will require substantial financial resources and a huge capacity for risk taking. Fast moving large multinationals like SpaceX are good examples here. We will explore the additional challenges of businesses in the new digital world of Space. The key consideration for the business and the young talent is how to move from one customer to many, how to amend some of the core processes at work, and how to test acceptance. The demo-day will be a presentation to their CEO or Board. This part will take up six months.

MMM Three

The third and final part is about integration and business projection for a new or existing venture. At this stage, the participant may invite other team members from the same company to form a team of 3 to 5 persons. The demo-day will be a presentation to their department, their CEO or Board, but this time, outside judges such as venture capitalists, private equity investors, or from large institutions would be invited to join in and provide valuable feedback. The expectations of the Splicing Program is much more demanding. For example, some companies may want their participants to help introduce a business model that can comply with their ESG program and have material impact.

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