Name (by Alphabetical) Interests and Expertise Location
Prof. Alfred Ho Entrepreneurship and Management Development Hong Kong
Dr. Angus Cheung Aircraft Engineering and Artificial Intelligence Hong Kong
Mr. Brian Renwick Leadership Development London
Prof. C.K. Cho Corporate Governance and Regulatory Comopliance Greater Bay
Prof. C.K. Shum Satellite Geodesy USA
Ms. Fanny Law (GBM, GBS, JP) Educationist and Executive Council HKSAR Gov't Hong Kong
Dr. Henry Tan (BBS, JP) Apparels, Hospitality, and Food Greater Bay
Ms. Iris Tang Corporate Transformation and Innovation Hong Kong
Prof. John Y Zhao Space Law Hong Kong
Prof. K. L. Yung Precision Engineering Hong Kong
Mr. Kim Salkeld Public Governance and Technology London
Mr. M. Y. Wong (SBS, BBS, JP) Technology and Commercialisation Hong Kong
Dr. Renu Bhatia Physician and Venture Capitalist Hong Kong
Prof. Richard Leung Banker and Fintech Advisor Hong Kong
Prof. Stephen Cheung Medical Equipment and Commercialisation of Space Silicon Valley
Terry Mak Satellite and Media Hong Kong
Dr. Winnie Tang (JP) Geospatial Data Hong Kong
Mr. Steve Wong Artifical Intelligence, Robotics, and Big Data Shenzhen