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    Special Action Groups (SAG)

    What are SAG?


    Special Action Groups (SAGs) are SWOT teams. Each is led by One young student member, grounded by mentors, on an exploratory journey into NewSpace. The young project manager would begin by asking a wicked question, set out a project plan, draft the mission goals, and begin the exploration and update the team. SAGs are not aim to be prescriptive. They are intended to provide, surface questions, and spur further discussions.


    Most importantly, these SWOT teams would charge directly onward and explore how to best understand this new reality.


    For members only! SAGs are for members and student members only.


    The SAGs are special task forces set up to investigate and explore fun and wild themes around climate change, UFOs, and topics that can aid in humanity's understanding of reality. Generally these are wicked challenges.


    SAG conduct experiments. They prototype; they reach out; and they dare to touch the face of aliens. The only thing they don’t do is sit still.


    Have a meaningful question to ask heaven?



  • Special Action Groups (SAG)

    The following SAGs are being established in 2021. If interested in joining to lead a new initiative or simply to participate as a member on the team, please reach out to our Community Builder, membership@oasahk.org. 




    Einstein famously asserted, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”


    And what if Einstein was right?





    1. Greater Bay Area (GBA) Space Exploration - How to connect the Space Economy between GBA and Hong Kong by 2022?

    Project Leader: LinLin Li (CUHK)

    Mentors: Prof. Quentin Parker, Prof. Stephen Cheung

    2. OASA Chapter at HKU

    Project Leader: Foo Xiang Feng et al. (HKU)

    Mentors: Cynthia Tsang, Cherry Tsui,, and Prof. Gregg Li

    3. Climate Change and SDGs — Which of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) would be most appropriate for HK and GBA?

    Project Leader: Max Berthet (U of Tokyo)

    Mentors: Iris Tang, Perry Lam, and Prof. Gregg Li

    4. Space Economy GDP — How to quantify the Space Economy in Hong Kong? Greater Bay?

    Project Leader: Linus Chan (CityU)

    Mentors: Prof. Stephen Cheung, Prof. Gregg Li

    5. OASA Chapter at PolyU

    Project Leader: Vacant

    Mentors: Prof. Ben Young, Prof. Albert Chan, Cynthia Tsang, and Prof. Gregg Li

    6. Space Law and Arbitration - Legal Guide for Space Entrepreneurs?

    Project Leader: Skye Xu, Rosie Luo, and Hannah Yim

    Mentors: Prof. Brian Tang (LITE), Prof. Gregg Li, Prof. John Zhao, Prof. CK Cho

    7. In Search of UFOs — Where are evidence to UFOs’ existence?

    Project Leader: Foo Xiang Feng (HKU)

    Mentors: Fletcher Ng, Prof. Gregg Li, and Dr. Chris Altman

    8. Space Hotel For the Elderly

    Project Leader: Jimmy Tsang (CUHK)

    Mentors: Thomas Schmidt, Prof. Choi, Prof. Lisa Wan, Michael Ng

    9. Space Investment - Where and what new space ventures to invest in?

    Project Leader: Ivan Lee (HKU)

    Mentors: Joe Juang, Ron Chiong, and Ben Ho

    10. Space Tourism - How to hitch a ride into Space?

    Project Leader: Justin Yam (UBC)

    Mentors: Thomas Wong, Prof. Lisa Wan, Julian Vela

    Request and Submission Requirements

    With 2 pages, present your wicked challenge and state why you believe this challenge is worth exploring here and now. It should be equivalent to the rigour in writing a research proposal for a Masters thesis. Please include a background statement, a brief description on the opportunities and difficulties expected, actions to be taken, and projected deliverables. A rough project plan and how by conducting this research you leadership competency and understanding of humanity would be enhanced. Definitely include a list of references. If it is only exploratory, please have an initial discussion with any member of our Exco.
    SAG meets periodically as agreed among its members, typically once a month over zoom or over drinks. A secretary would take minutes and these are posted for all members to note. The Project Leader must develop a project plan, organise the research, and update the team.  Corporate sponsorships may be available and admissions into academia for further research is entirely possible for the right thesis. 
    Taking a cue from Mike Gallagher at ASP, "Be truthful and accurate about the projects you help develop, the articles you write, and the social media posts you put forward. Make sure they are grounded in provable facts. If you have a hypothesis or a theory, that’s fine, but state this clearly and illustrate the uncertainties in your thinking openly. Be confident, but do not oversell yourselves.​."  Wise words indeed.
    Any student member ready to champion or participate may have their annual membership fees completely waived. SAG is for members only!