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  • WHO ARE WE ?

    The Orion Astropreneur Space Academy (Hong Kong), known as OASA, accelerates the development of young global leaders through specially designed journeys and wicked challenges with the arrival of the NewSpace Economy.  


    It is a platform to accelerate talents and start-ups to enrich opportunities and understanding throughout the world, igniting this spark of transformation from the great city of Hong Kong.




    Because the NewSpace Economy is already here but only a select few can sense its arrival. Because innovation does not happen by itself, but requires committed and skilled talents to make it happen, and the NewSpace economy creates massive opportunities for innovation.

    All innovation however, begins with the right mindset of the entrepreneur. Without the entrepreneur, ideas are just good ideas and, at best, good intentions. All space missions should foster cooperation and not mistrust. A society free of suffering does not happen by itself; it requires openness, creation, and global cooperation. In fact, future joint space projects with youths may be the only way to counter global suspicion and geopolitical rivalries.


    From "Sensing", to "Reframing", to "Probing", to "Accelerating", and finally to "Catalysing".


    Are you ready?

  • What's Happening Now?

    Pushing the Edge of Chaos

    CubeSat Challenge for Secondary Schools in Hong Kong

    Kicked off on 24th September; Episode 3 starts on 22nd Oct.

    (All mentor positions filled. Thank you)

    Launch of YMP at OASA Chapter at PolyU

    12:30 pm, 22 October, PolyU Room ST111

    Prof. G and Mike Ng shall be giving a talk on "Reborn as an Astropreneur -- Why the NewSpace Economy is the New Normal for the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs."

  • The Spirit of Exploration

    Exploration: In the rapidly changing world, the only way to excel is to keep on exploring with others, and doing so with an entrepreneurial mindset. We are all explorers. Explore the wonders of entrepreneurship in the Space economy with OASA.​ Get lost and find. yourself.

  • Jill Chan

    Data specialists

    Jason Wang


    Rain Cheung

    Remote management

    Sean Well

    Space Law

  • Hong Kong is one of the best places in the world for entrepreneurs…and starting in 2020, one of the planet’s best hubs for entrepreneurship. Do you see what we see? Are you ready?"

    Dr G, Founding Chairman

  • OASA’s 3 Space Missions


    Space Xccelerator (2021)

    Accelerating the development of young leaders at start-ups, SMEs and global companies into the NewSpace Economy: Accelerating space talents and entrepreneurs to commercial successes in the Greater Bay. Solving critical problems for corporates through the entrepreneurial energy of the youths and grounded with the experience of global mentors.


    Space Ready (2022)​

    Powering Schools with STEM and Businesses: Hitching miniature satellites to the stars and building a smarter city with remote data. By 2022, ignite education and training programs to spark our youths' and teachers' interest in applied sciences and innovation such as CubeSats, Space Tourism, Robotics, AI, and Cybersecurity.


    Space Pioneers (2025)

    Placing Youth in Space Expeditions: Placing payload specialists and flight engineers from the Greater Bay, onto space stations and bases on the Moon and on Mars. By 2025. All space cadets and astronauts must know how to operate a long-distance radio. Do you? What other competencies would future employers seek in our youths as they enter and secure a toe-hold in the new space economy?

  • OASA Unique Leadership and Digital

    Transformation Programs...Young Marco Polo Programme

    Young Marco Polo Programme

    Space Accelerator on Earth

    A new business and leadership accelerator program, helping corporates to address new wicked and chaotic challenges such as COVID-19, the Digital Economy by leveraging on the young talents at a university, and by putting everyone through a series of customer and market discoveries. Yes, only at OASA.

  • The future is now, for us & our next generations. Are you future proof?


  • The New Space Economy Ecosystem

    Together with the right partners we have been traveling faster and now further. The following are sponsors, supporters, and players in the NewSpace economy who share our vision, our values, and our energy. Join us and let's work together to create the next platform for our youth!

    Scientific think tank


    (Collaborating Partner)

    Co-working Space for Spacefaring companies

    International Cloud

    Venture Capitalist in the Space Economy

    Developing STEAM Talents

    Innovation Do-Tank

    Professional and Certified Problem Solvers

    Home of the HAM Radio Operators

    CUHK Technology Transfer Office

    CUHK Centre for Entrepreneurship

    City U Knowledge Transfer Office

    Business Consulting Firm

    3D Printing Experts

    Global Talent Developers

    Angels and Venture Capitalists with Roots from Silicon Valley

    Innovation and Research Specialists

    Remote Sensing Experts

    AI and Big Data Specialists

    AI and Voice bots Specialists

    AI, Big Data, and Logistics Experts

    Think Tank for a Smart City

    Smart Healthy Food and Robotics

    AI, Robotics Lab

    Mindfulness and Smart Living Experts

    Professional Architects

    Smart Living and Design Experts

    Smart Food Venture Capitalists

    Coaching for Directors

    Online Dialogue for Humanity

    Smart Storage...Anywhere

    Smart Talent Hunters

    Dialogue for Space

    Smart Law and Smart Contract

    Developers of Young Talents

    Venture Debt for Smart Startups

    Smart Talent Hunters

    Insurtech and BlockChain

    Business Angels for Space Ventures. SinoAlpha Ventures Ltd.

    Polytechnics University Hong Kong

    IOT and Smart Living

    Developer of Future Talents

    Venture Capitalists and Space Accelerator

    Traditional Chinese Medicine in Space


    The Hong Kong General Chamber of Small and Medium Business

    CUHK School of Hotel & Tourism

    Hong Kong New Emerging Technology Education Association

    Bling International Ltd.

    Classified Group

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