• Upcoming Events


    Launch of YMP at OASA Chapter @ PolyU

    6 Oct 2021, 2:30pm | Talk

    Now is a great time to be an explorer, an entrepreneur, and an astropreneur. Why be just an entrepreneur when you can be reborn as an astropreneur?


    PolyU students, staff, and teachers only.

    OASA's Panel on Space Investment, at the Cyberport Venture Capital Forum (CVCF)

    2 Nov 2021 | Forum

    The NewSpace Economy has recently arrived in Asia. Starting in 2022, other than the rapid commercialisation of Space Tourism, Space Data, and CubeSats, investing in scalable space technologies is now within reach for entrepreneurs and investors. Learn from pioneers, astrophysicists, and venture capitalists why this is the next game in town.


    Panel Facilitator: Mr. Perry Lam, Vice Chairman of OASA or the Orion Astropreneur Space Academy.


    1. Where to invest in China’s Spacetech today? Blaine Curcio, (aka the China Space Guy), Founder, Orbital Gateway Consulting and co-host of China’s Dongfang Hour.


    2. Grounding Space Tech – How should Hong Kong connect to the Space Corridor? Prof. Quentin Parker, Director of the Lab for Space Research, HKU. Astrophysicist.


    3. Why I invested in SpaceX? Joseph Jeong, Founder, FutureHack. Mentor, Chinaccelerator. Founder, EXLskills.

    How to Get the Most Out of Your Mentoring Relationship with Your Business Angels - Sharing from a Silver Angel, at CVCF

    3 Nov 2021

    G ood mentors are worth their weig ht in g old, but only with the rig ht mentors . A g ood mentoring relations hip is like a danc e. When the danc er is ready, only then the teac her s hall be
    pres ent. It takes two who c an danc e to the s ame rhythm. Do you hear your music playing? Does your mentor? Where’s your angel and mentor?


    Gregg, or Dr G or Coach G for short, has mentored hundreds, and along the way, have been mentored luckily by a few giants in his field. In this short session, Dr. G will share a few stories and suggest a few paths young entrepreneurs can take along their journey. How to get the most out of your mentoring relationship depends on you. Your angels can only show you a direction; only you can walk through your door. Finding a good mentor depends on both and being in the right place at the right time.


    Topics Covered in the 45-minute Review:


    - Your journey of serendipity?
    - Where to find great mentors and angels?
    - Building stronger trust through communication and signals ! Building and nurturing an ongoing relationship

    - Ending the relationship

    Other Upcoming Activities

    2021 - 2022, (As of 4 Oct 2021)

    Our partners, sponsors, and members are busy at work to bring you a variety of engaging events and activities. We aim to seek discount for our members for events that are organised by others. Once new events have been approved, we shall post them here so may schedule them into your activities.

  • Past Events

    2020 - 2021 Recent Past Events

    How can SMEs engage the NewSpace Economy, at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong?

    6 Oct 2021 | Talk


    Organised by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, at this event we explored how SMEs can play a part in this new economy. Professor Gregg Li - founding chair of OASA Hong Kong and serial entrepreneur - provoked new insights on how the world of trade is being disrupted.


    Space Competitions for Primary and Secondary Students

    12 Sept 2021 | Competition


    HKNETEA and OASA hosted Space Related Competitions for Primary and Secondary Students. This was a national competition. Students who had outstanding performance will compete with other students in China.

    "Live Well, Work Well” - Leading from Wellness

    26 Jun 2021 | Webinar


    This taster attempted to heal the heart of others, particularly in the midst of COVID. Master Trainer Theresa Kwong guided us through this workshop. She is a certified professional co­-active coach and a registered nurse with a background in health and wellbeing, education and mindfulness. Equipped with an awareness of cross-cultural ideas and beliefs about education and its impacts, she understands the strengths and weaknesses of both Asian and Western educational systems. Her professional and personal areas of focus are in positive psychology, meditation, creating mindsets, habits, peak performance and leadership.


    08 Jun 2021 | Webinar


    Are you ready to travel in the space? Do you want to live/ work in a space hotel? Have a wonderful space experience like "Passengers"? It's no longer a dream! Watch the forum again. We had a space hotel architect lined up for you. Listen in on chatbots that can be used in space, or how to start developing a mindset and career for the NewSpace Economy.


    Free for all to view.

    The Art of Leading Change - How to Get Others to Reach for the Moon

    29 May 2021 | Webinar


    In this workshop, Mr. Francis Mok shared with us a few tips on his art of leading successful change initiatives. In change, both success and failure can become habits. We need strong sponsors who give us permission and provide protection. We need to begin with opening our own mindset of limitations and be able to inspire others to our Moonshot. We need to inspire others sufficiently so they can also see the Moonshot.


    Jumping into the NewSpace Economy, OASA x AAMA

    22 May 2021 | Webinar


    The NewSpace Economy has arrived to Greater Bay. We are just in time. 2021 is a tipping point year for investors, startups, and space pioneers in Greater Bay. Are you ready? Join our webinar to find our more tips on NewSpace Economy and your business.

    OASA was one of the co-organizer in this webinar. Mr Hubert Lem, Vice President of OASA and Dr Stephen Cheung, OASA International Council of Advisors.

    Free for all to view.

    OASA x The Wave: Pioneering the Space Economy - Space Data Gold Rush

    18 May 2021 | Webinar


    Everyone talks about Data as the New Gold and New Gold Rush to Space. But where is the gold? Did you know much of the gold is free for you to mine? Yes, there is a valuable stream of big data available for all. How do we turn this data into profitable use cases? Come explore this important question as OASA connects Aerospace with Big Data AI Analytics to answer why there is a Gold Rush for Space Data.

    Free for all to view.

    The Secrets of Digital Transformation (Mission Moonshot Masterclass April Taster)

    24 Apr 2021 | Webinar


    In this workshop, Mr. Ng shall shared his war stories and gave us a few secrets on how to learn, to accept, to adopt, and finally, to sustain your digital transformation. Successful digital transformation combines technology, leadership, and change management.

    OASA x The Wave: Pioneering the Space Economy - What’s Next in Space Tourism

    13 Apr 2021 | Webinar


    Everyone knows Hong Kong is a travel and tourism hub. But did you know it is about to become a hub… for Space Tourism?!? Yes, Hong Kong is on the leading edge of the emerging space tourism business. Join us for this month’s exciting Pioneering the Space Economy webinar as OASA interviews Mr. Alex Lee, General Manager of Miramar Travel, and Prof. Lisa Wan, a leading researcher in robot-human interactions and tourism marketing.

    Free for all to view.

    Winning Your Customers' Heart (Mission Moonshot Masterclass March Taster)

    27 Mar 2021 | Webinar


    Mr. Thomas Wong has facilitated a free skills-improvement session on UX (User Experience). More than ever, you don‘t have a second chance to make a first impression, especially in the new marketing world. Over-subscribed. To receive your powerpoint, please send a request to membership@oasahk.org.

    From Entrepreneurs to Astropreneurs – Seeing New Market and Customer Opportunities.  (OASA and Cyberport Quarterly)

    15 Mar 2021 | Webinar


    “What does the 7 minutes of terror have to do with an Astronaut, an Entrepreneur, and an Executive Coach?” Answer: They all aspire to become an Astropreneur! Astronaut Chris Altman, Investment Banker Founder Joe Jeong, and Mr. Perry Lam, Executive Coaches to global CXOs, shared with the audience how the future is looking increasingly different.

    Free for all to access.

    OASA x The Wave: Pioneering the Space Economy - Space Food, Today and Tomorrow (In Cantonese)

    02 Mar 2021 | Webinar


    As people prepare for future space living, how will they get fresh healthy foods to eat? Can space pioneers grow food in space? How might innovative food production sustain future life on earth and in space? Listen in as entrepreneurs -- Andrew Li and Patrick Suen -- dials us into the new world of Space Food. Join us for a review of the fascinating discussion on the possibilities and opportunities for growing space food with our two visionary speakers, who are entrepreneurs innovating on the front lines of food and water production. Free for all to access.

    Virtual Presence (Mission Moonshot Masterclass February Taster)

    27 Feb 2021 | Webinar


    Mr. Perry Lam, super Coach, facilitated a free skills improvement session on virtual presence. More than ever, you don‘t have a second chance to make a first impression, especially in the new Zoom world. Tips and secrets are available to members' only. Please write to membership@oasahk.org.

    The Official Launch of OASA - Grand Opening

    20 Feb 2021 | Webinar


    Join us for our official grand opening and share our vision, mission, and values. Short, different, creative, and fun. Dr. G, along with Mr. Perry Lam, Mr. Hubie Lem, Dr. Stephen Cheung, and Professor CK Cho each gave a short message on the why's and how's of OASA.

    OASA x The Wave: Pioneering the Space Economy: How I Communicate in Space (In Cantonese)

    02 Feb 2021 | Webinar


    Space is very noisy and not empty. Mr. Peter Leung, Course Coordinator at HARTS, or the Hong Kong Amateur Radio Transmitting Society; and Mr. Steve Wong, the Chairman of the Greater Bay Big Data and AI Association, spoke on the power of connectivity and communication, especially when the communicators are separated by time, long distances, and COVID. Moderated by Mr. Thomas Wong and Mr. Sean Leung. Free for all to access.

    From Entrepreneurship to Astropreneurship (Mission Moonshot Masterclass January Taster)

    30 Jan 2021 | Webinar


    The first MMM taster, launched in February, was on “Astropreneurship.” The 45-minute workshop covered how to grow and nurture an entrepreneurial mindset so that change champions can help their company and business become more resilient and regain lost market shares. Space is used as a platform to help participants think of their “limited” frame of mind. Facilitated by Dr G and Mr. Perry Lam. Free for all to view.

    OASA x The Wave: Future of the Space Economy - 3D Printing in Space (in Cantonese)

    05 Jan 2021 | Webinar


    Why do space analysts believe that innovations in 3D printing will be essential to the expansion of the space economy?


    Despite recent decreases in costs of commercial launches, the expense of space missions is expected to remain high well into the conceivable future. Will 3D printing technology offer a potential solution? The second of our 6-part monthly Future of the Space Economy webinar series at The Wave X OASA will highlight how 3D printing can extend from Earth into Space, and why 3D Printing is increasingly seen as an indispensable element of the space economy. Let's join Thomas Wong and Sean Leung our moderators, as they interview 3D experts Mr. David Seto and Mr. Parker Leung for an eye-opening look at possibilities.

    2020 Events

    Doorways to the Space Economy​. (OASA and Cyberport Quarterly)

    17 Dec 2020 | Webinar


    Brought to you by the new Orion Astropreneur Space Academy (OASA) and Cyberport, this panel of venture capitalists, investors, and teachers shall aim to change your mindsets about space. Space is no longer a mystery and unreachable. Space and the businesses that will seed the next generation of businesses have already started. Moderated by Mr. Perry Lam, Vice Chairman of OASA, this series of short discussions make you realise the Space Economy is already here.


    Prof. Quentin Parker of the Lab for Space Research at HKU; Mr. Furuzonfar Zehni, Partner at Fresco; Ms. Rosana Wong, founder of Ophylla Ventures and Executive Director of Yau Lee Holdings; Prof. Lin Hui, Chief Scientist of HKATG; and Prof. Gregg Li, Chairman of OASA, opened our eyes to a new reality.


    Free for all to view.

    OASA x The Wave: Future of the Space Economy - How to Build Your Own Satellite​

    01 Dec 2020 | Webinar


    It was recently reported that Elon Musk's SpaceX colony on Mars will not follow Earth-based laws. Does this mean people will soon be moving to space? Has space science and technology now reached a higher stage?


    Take a look at this video as OASA attempts to unravel the latest space mysteries. It's hard to know where to begin to comprehend space, from the vast space economy to mini man-made satellites. OASA will help you understand, by showing us how cube satellites (CubeSats) work and how to go about designing and building them. They will talk about the economic aspects of space and how Hong Kong can benefit from opportunities in the growing space economy. Moderated by Kimberly Lam, Prof. Quentin Parker an Astrophysicists and Mr. Hubie Lem, OASA Vice Chairman, discussed how indeed one can build one's own satellite today.


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