• Meet Our Team

    An effective team is one that has been designed and built with a governance structure that is sustainable, feasible, flexible, resilient, and forward-looking.

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    Timeless Leadership - Shine On


    Sir David Akers Jones (DAJ) has committed his life to the development of Hong Kong and the welfare of the poor since 1957. His achievements have been beyond just leading the Government and supporting the Governor of Hong Kong when he was Chief Secretary. Sir has been continually active in community works and has been instrumental in leading the development of Hong Kong in new towns like New Shatin, Discovery Bay, or the opening up of Hung Hom Cross Harbour Tunnel among others. He was there during the 1967 riot and found ways to bridge the many divides, including establishing the District Councils. He has started many new social enterprises such as Wuzhiqiao, Outward Bound, Invotech, the Business and Professionals Federation among many.



    "A small group of very technically strong people will always beat a large group of moderately strong people."  Elon Musk, the Rocketman. 







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    The Late Sir David Akers-Jones,


    Founding Honorary Patron

    Hong Kong is one of the best places in the world for entrepreneurs. If we can build Hong Kong in this chaotic world before 1997, and feeling the stones every step of the way; then, you surely can. Go forward and ask why not!"

  • Executive Committee​

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    Perry Lam

    Chairman of the Board


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    Prof. Quentin Parker

    Vice Chairman - External

    Lab for Space Research, HKU

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    Prof. Gregg Li

    President and Executive Director


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    Roy Chan

    Vice Chairman - Internal


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    Maggie Yung

    Chair -- Membership Convenor


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    Raymond Chan


  • Other Directors and Officers

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    Francesca Lee


    SML Consulting

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    Prof. Joe Chan



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    Prof. Justin Leung



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    Amy Chung

    Honourary Company Secretary

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    Catherine Chan

    Honorary Assistant Company Secretary

  • Operation Team

    Working together to deliver excellence....

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    Tom Chan

    Programme & Quality Director

    Young Marco Polo

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    Kaye Wong

    Office and Event Director

    Events and OASA Chapters

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    Cynthia Tsang

    Platform Engineer & STEAM Trainer

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    Dr. Cecilia Leung

    Head of Internship Volunteer

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    Ivan Lee

    Financial Analyst Volunteer

    Space as Investment and ESG

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    Ben Ho

    Financial Analyst Volunteer

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    Ainaz Baratali

    Marketing Executive Volunteer

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    Thomas Wong

    Programme Associate


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    Dr. Annie Kong

    Honourary Project Director

  • Honourary Advisors

    OASA is blessed to have a team of professionals who have volunteered their time and expertise to strengthen our governance. These are not board members but dedicated members who will challenge and test our governance reliance, set against a world that is volatile, uncertain, chaotic, and ambiguous (VUCA). The Board sincerely thank you for their service.

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    Foster Yim​

    Honourary Legal Counsel

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    Prof. Alfred Ho

    Honourary Internal Auditor

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    Fletcher Ng

    Honourary Data Protection Officer

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    Prof. CK Cho

    Honourary Compliance Officer

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    May Mak

    Honourary Advisor - Finance

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    Prof. Francis Mok

    Honourary Advisor - Human Resources

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    Prof. Iris Tang

    Honourary Advisor - Innovations and Entrepreneurship; SDG

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    Prof. Stephen Cheung

    Honourary Chief Scientist

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    Prof. Kelvin Yuen

    Honourary Space Economist

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    Leslie Hsu-Choy (MCoun) MHKPCA

    Honourary Student Counsellor

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    Prof. Marshall Jen

    Honourary Education Advisor

  • 2023 International Council of Advisors

    Global experts we need to explore the rapid developing Space economy

    Because the world of space is developing rapidly around the world, the Board needs global experts and advisors to help members of the Board understand the latest development and implications arising from the discovery and application of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. At least three dozen experienced space experts have been advising the Academy since its establishment.

    A new panel of Advisory Board members are now being formed. Watch this space!

  • Chartered Members

    The first 100 members who have signed up to the Lifetime Membership will be known as Chartered Members. Collectively, these founding members, and regardless of the year they have joined, have helped to establish the OASA headquarters in Hong Kong. Chartered members are important members to the OASA team. They believe the future belongs genuinely to the courageous, adventurous, and entrepreneurial...to the young man and woman, starting from Hong Kong, who are pioneers in the NewSpace Economy.


    Chartered members are unique because these are the individuals who had seeded and invested in OASA when the Academy was just a concept. These founding members hold a special place in the history and heart of OASA, and perhaps for Hong Kong and the rest of the world. They have energized the founding team, and collectively, they turned their ethos into reality. These founding members and their unyielding exploratory spirit fuelled the true nature of entrepreneurism; they will be inducted into OASA’s Founding Committee of 100, our Hall of Fame.


    Approved Chartered Members as of Jul 2023 (Updated Quarterly)

  • Information on Chartered Membership

    Every chartered members provide the financial support for 5 student members each year whereby those who have demonstrated leadership are granted this free membership. So far the quota for free student membership is 150 students.


    For more information, please write to our membership executive, membership@oasahk.org for more information.