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  • Relevant Vocabulary

    NewSpace has arrived and requires a new language.


    To understanding the new Space Economy we will need new vocabularies. Working with others in this ecosystem, OASA will attempt to help define these new terms of our readers, particularly for those new to this field.


    Welcome to our library. This section is curated by our librarian, Prof. Stephen Cheung. Please contact our Executive Officer, Cynthia, cynthia@oasahk.org, should you have something that is worth sharing with our members.


    A recent time period where human existence and their influence have altered natural cycle of the earth. See https://www.anthropocene.info/index.php.


    Give entrepreneurs a new context, the Space Economy, and we have the definition of astropreneurs. It is very much a mindset, to be able to see and bridge new businesses across borders. See more....https://astropreneurs.eu/.


    Refers to a system capable of reproducing and maintaining itself by creating its own parts and eventually further components. A key behaviour of Complex Adaptive Systems.


    An attractor is simply where paths end up. (bottom of a valley or a bowl)..

    ConOps (Concept of Operations)

    A ConOps is a high-level view of the system from the user’s perspective that describes key concepts, capabilities, context, deliverables, and characteristics for the operation of the system. Its purpose is to communicate the vision and purpose of the system to help guide the acquisition and development effort


    A type of miniature satellite, with each unit typically measuring 10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm. CubeSat comes in units, in multiple of this configuration. CubeSats have been used for educational and research purposes since 1999 when they were first invented in the Silicon Valley.


    In Chaos Theory, surprising characteristics emerges from the interaction of agents, not in the agents themselves.


    NewSpace refers to the arrival of the space industry on earth, where both public and private are finally joining hands to create opportunities for humanity.


    The emergence of a collective consciousness of the planet, sparked by humanity.

    Harvard Galileo Project

    The Galileo Project is Harvard's UAP program headed by their Chair of Astronomy, Prof. Avi Loeb. OASA's council member, Chris Altman, is an affiliate. Affiliates are scientific experts who advise the project.

    Mindfulness in Space

    Be in the presence without judgment. With Space, be aware of the vastness of our universe and learn to expand and connect your consciousness. Without this ability to hone your mind in the emptiness and silence of space, any astronaut may just lose their mind.

    SpaceShip Earth

    The earth is our spaceship, as we transverse the universe. Best to take great care of our spaceship before we have to abandon ship.

    Orbital spaceflight

    A spacecraft in orbit.

    Suborbital spaceflight

    A spaceflight to 100km above the earth.

    Systems Leadership

    To transform complex systems, systems leaders are needed. Systems leaders are leaders who can empower collective actions through broader understanding. They are collaborative and able to navigate complexity and chaos.


    Satellites the size of a thumb, 


    Taikonauts are astronauts that have traveled to the TianKong Space Station.

  • Global Systems Leadership Competencies



    The late Sir David Akers-Jones had inspired the founding team to draft a set of leadership competencies that we believe should exemplify future leaders who can operate seamlessly across borders. There are two working documents here. The first is the Timeless Leader Competency Set as advocated by Sir David. The second is the New Global Timeless Leaders in the NewSpace Economy. Enjoy.

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    Future Leadership Competency Demonstrated by Sir David

    Compiled by Christy Cheng

    Sir David and his team in building Hong Kong through some of its most difficult years, had to be bold and entrepreneurial. He simply asked, "Why Not?", and pushed young leaders to stand up and champion something new. "Get on with it," he would urge, "Hong Kong is for the bold and brave." Take a glimpse of his leadership style, as articulated by Generation Z. (Courtesy of Invotech).


    Download PDF

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    Competency Set for Young Global Leaders in the NewSpace Economy

    Compiled by Charles Foley and Gregg Li

    These days many problems can be solved, if only both sides have systems leaders who are mindful of their mutual problems. In New Space where borders are no longer relevant, we need young global leaders who are global systems leaders. Referencing Leadership Competencies that Sir David believed should exemplify young global systems leaders of the future, Professors Charles Foley and Gregg Li created a framework for future problem solvers. Others continued to refine this working document. Here's the latest draft.


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