The Young Marco Polo Program (YMP) for High Flying Teams, (2nd cohort, Summer 2022)

The Young Marco Polo Program(TM) is a Leadership Development Lab for Corporate Social and Business Innovation using the platform of the NewSpace Economy, for high flyihg teams. The program helps companies in the NewSpace Economy articulate and reframe a business issue, and leverage on the creativity and research of bright students, building a case for change that the executive would find support back at work.

We are currently exploring this program with five start-ups and SMEs, with undergraduate and graduate students from CityU, PolyU, HKU, Lingnan, and CUHK.

Programme Director: Tom Chan
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Deliverables of the Programme:  

1. To articulate the problem, form hypothesis, conduct experiment using multi-disciplinary and innovative problem solving techniques. 

2.  To work together with corporates who are potential employers on resolving a recent market challenge. 

3. To put together a sound proposal and convince sponsors to action. 

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